Château Haut-Canteloup is a family-run farm located in Fours.

Alexandre and Vincent are the seventh generation of the BORDENAVE family. They joined their parents, Catherine and Sylvain, in 2003.

The history of Château Haut-Canteloup began in 1972, when their grandparents began direct sales.But vine growing in the family dates back to the 19thcentury.Their parents then devoted a lot of energy to developing and restructuring of the property.An additional area of vinyard from maternal origin, with adidd of the existing vineyard in Fours.

Château Haut-Canteloup located at the heart of Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, produces red, rosé, white and crémant wines.Covering 50 hectares the estate is spread over two areas and benefits from two different terroirs:

• In Fours, we have 32 hectares of red vines.Implanted on clay-limestone plateaus, excellent results are obtained in terms of richness and maturity.The wines are fruity, concentrated and elegant.

• A second area of 18 Ha is located in the north of the départment, in the commune of Saint-Palais-de-Blaye. The hills there mostly have a southerly exposure, and white grape varieties thrive in their sandy soil.

Château Les Pierrères :

We also have a second name: Château Les Pierrères, which is another famous  reference when it comes to Blaye wines. Only 15 to 20 vine owners have this name because it requires a more restrictive specification:

- A greater planting density.

- A lower yield resulting from selecting the best grapes in order to obtain more robust (= full-bodied) wines that wil age and keep well.

Merlot and malbec make this exceptional wine whose deep red color announces its intensity. It is the top-ranking wine for Chateau Haut-Canteloup.



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