Château Haut-Canteloup is a family-run farm located in Fours.

Alexandre and Vincent are the seventh generation of the BORDENAVE family. They joined their parents, Catherine and Sylvain, in 2003.

The history of Château Haut-Canteloup began in 1972, when their grandparents began direct sales.But vine growing in the family dates back to the 19thcentury.Their parents then devoted a lot of energy to developing and restructuring the property. They even developped their vineyard, with an additional part of land, from their mother's side, in Saint Palais.

Château Haut-Canteloup, located at the heart of Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, produces red, rosé, white and crémant wines.Covering 50 hectares, the estate spreads over two areas and benefits from two different terroirs:

• In Fours, we have 32 hectares of red vines.Implanted on clay-limestone on table lands, excellent results are obtained in terms of richness and maturity.The wines are fruity, concentrated and elegant.

• A second area of 18 Ha is located in the north of the départment, in the village of Saint-Palais-de-Blaye. The hills there mostly have a southerly exposure, and white grape varieties prosperer in their sandy soil.

Château Les Pierrères :

We also have a second estate: Château Les Pierrères, which is another famous  reference when it comes to Blaye wines. Only 15 to 20 vine owners have the appellation "Blaye" because it requires a more restrictive specification:

- A greater planting density.

- A lower yield resulting from selecting the best grapes in order to obtain more robust (= full-bodied) wines that wil age and be kept well.

This exceptional wine is composed of Merlot and Malbec. Whose intensity is underlined by its deep red color.
It is the top-ranking wine from Chateau Haut-Canteloup.



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